Hello, this is the list of some kinds food which helps in making you feel better from inside & you can also look good from outside.

Beautifulness nowadays is not considered as a mere indulgence overloaded with skincare & makeup products. Instead it is considered as self care. Taking care of yourself is what makes you beautiful in reality. So, are some foods which enlightens you from inside & brings a sense of belief in yourself :

This is a traditional drink which is consumed to makes your body energetic. It is made of roasted bengal gram & barley which is consists of minerals i.e calcium, magnesium & phosphorus. These minerals helps in making your bones strong & for lean muscle building. You should drink it within the 30 minutes after workout. You can also consume this drink in the place of tea. It helps in boosting your energy & strength.

These whole eggs contains essential amino acids, biotin, zinc & selenium. If you eat whole eggs regularly then you don’t have consume expensive proteins, supplements, pills etc. for healthy hairs & skin. It is helpful in making your hairs strong , stops hairfall, brittle nails.

  • Wheat grass is high in nutrients & antioxidants & antioxdidants.
  •  It helps in reducing body cholestrol level. 
  • It also helps in killing cancer cells from the body.
  •  Wheat grass is highly effective in maintaining blood sugar level in the body.
  •  It helps in alleviate inflammation process.
  •  It helps in weight loss.

Aloe vera helps in moisturizing skin. It reduces acne from the skin. Helps in reducing tan from the skin. It can also prevents from sunburn. Aloe vera also helps in improving hair growth & reduces dandruff. It also helps in maintaining oral health. It also reduces inflammation.


Potatoes are very good source of vitamins & minerals. It contains fats , carbs , proteins , fiber , vitamin c , etc. It also contain antioxidants. It may improve digestion process. It is naturally gluten free. It improves brain health. It is very good for bones. Removes dead skin cells. It prevents are body from cancer.

Whet germ contains folic acid , Vitamin B6 & Vitamin E. It helps in boosting immune system. It improves your heart health. It also has anti-aging properties. It improves cellular meatbolism. It improves muscle health. It prevents the body from diabetes. 

  • Triphala protects your teeth from dental diseases & cavaties.
  •  It in weight loss.
  •  It prevents the body from skin detoxication.
  •  It also prevents from constipation.
  •  It improves eyesight.
  •  It also prevents from bacterial infections.
  •  Yogurt contains very important nutrients which are required for our body like calcium , Vitamin B , phosphorus , magnesium etc.
  •  It is also very rich in protein.
  •  It also improve metabolism and helps in digestion process,
  •  It protects your body from osteoporosis.

Banana is very rich in nutrients. It contains Vitamin B & tryptophan. Banana helps in improving digestive health. It also contains powerful antioxidants. It also helps in improving kidney health. Bananas contains high amount of fibre. It also helps in fighting anaemia.

It is the most expensive kind of spice in the world. It is also known as “red gold”. It helps in reducing oxidative stress on brain beacause of antioxidants in the saffron. It helps in clearing your skin. It improves vision of the eyes. It helps in healing wounds. It also lightens your skin. It also helps in treating acne & blemishes. It improves your skin texture. It prevents from hair loss.       

Yash Sharma

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