Precautions & Prevention’s for delhi pollution

Pollution in Delhi

Hello everyone, today I want to express my views on the pollution in Delhi. The pollution level in the capital is increasing because of burning of crackers because of Dusshera & coming Diwali , burning of crops in Punjab & Haryana. The supreme court of India had said that the people can burst crackers only between 8pm – 10pm. But I don’t think that this verdict is right decision. Because pollution can cause very harmful effects on people’s health.

1. Try to stay at home

Try to stay at home

Until the air quality becomes better in the capital always try to stay inside your home , do not go for morning walks and evenings walks , don’t do exercises in the open area , instead you should do exercises in your home or in gym. You should not go outside in the peak hours when there is high level of pollution. If your company is providing a facility of work from home , then you should opt for it.

2. Cover yourself

Full sleeves cloths & mask

Polluted air contains lot of irritating components which can cause infections on your skin & inside your body , if come in contact with yourself. You can wear full sleeve clothes to prevent yourself from infections.

3. Drink a lot of water & eat healthy food

Vegetables healthy food

You should drink a lot of water so that the water can remove all the toxics from your body. You also have eat healthy food to keep your body strong enough to protect from harmful effects of pollution.

4. Wear a pollution mask

Delhi pollution mask

You have to cover your face from pollution mask. Most of the medical professionals suggest N95 & N99 pollution mask are the most effective & comfortable masks that will prevent you from pollution. If sometimes mask is not available with you then you should cover your face from cloth.

5. Keep your surroundings clean

Cleanliness Drive

To be prevented from Delhi pollution you should keep your surrounding clean. You should keep dust away from your house. Always keep your children away from dust. Spray water in sandy areas near your home surroundings.