How To Do A Perfect Pull Up?

Pull Up

Are you finding the best ways to How To Do A Perfect Pull Up?

A good pull up form is the best indication of upper body strength. Your arms and back need to do an extensive amount of work to lift your whole body, which is for what reason has the capacity to perform numerous reps is a compelling method to enhance not simply the obvious muscles — your back, arms, and lower arms — and can likewise help you building your core strength.

Truth be told, as an exercise physiologist and strength mentor, I must say that the pull up is the most underrated exercise to build your abs & every other muscle in your core section.

All of that sounds nice but there is one hindrance that it is a type of exercise gives a lot of people very much trouble whether you are doing pull-ups for years or you have just started doing the pull-ups. 

If you are finding it difficult to do pull-ups or struggling very much in doing pull-ups and you want to increase the number of pull-ups reps you do then you should read this article because I had shared some exercises or methods that can help in enhancing your upper body strength which will further help in increasing the number of reps of pull-ups you do.

After reading this article & doing the exercises which I have shared with you in this article you will surprise to see the improvement in yourself & you will also come to know the various exercises which can increase you pull ups quality & reps doing exercises other than pull up.


Tightening your core or being able to create tension in your torso area of the body is a main part of doing a successful pull up.

The shoulder blades of your both the shoulder’s are joint with your torso. A tight and stable core will give your arms something strong to pull. That’s why if you are struggling in doing pull-ups you must work on your core strength.

1. Hollow Body Hold

Hollow Body Holds

Firstly , lie on a floor and then lift your arms up as shown in the image. Keeping in mind your biceps are in line with your ears and your elbows should be straight.

Then cross your both the hands with each other and your both the ankles with each other. Then press your hands and ankles with each other to create tension in your core. 

Then lift both the hands and ankles simultaneously in a hollow body position as shown in the image.

Hold this position for 5-6 seconds or 3-4 breaths per rep maintaining as much as tension between your head to toe. You must do 5-6 reps per set. The more time you make tension the more will be the effect on your core.


2. Hollow Body Horizontal Pull-ups

Hollow Body Horizontal Pull Ups

In this exercise, you will need a long road or a broomstick. Hold the rod in both your hands as if it is a pull-up rod.

Then start with your arms straight and both the elbows locked out as you are hanging on a bar in a pull-up position. And then, while in a hollow position bent your elbow like a pull-up movement.  

The main goal here is to maintain the core strength while doing a pull-up arm movement & you must not forget to breathe simultaneously while doing the arm movement.

Hold this position and you must do at least 10 reps while breathing out when the bar comes towards your collarbone.


3. Stability Ball Rollouts

Stability Ball Rollouts

Stability Ball rollouts are one of the most effective exercises for increasing your core stiffness. There are two types of methods to do the stability ball rollouts. 

Choice #1: Try to keep your abs strained and press your hips forward, enabling your arms to reach out as you move. At that point pull back with your hips. This method will put more emphases on your abs and lower back while taking a portion of the work off of your shoulders

Choice #2: Follow the same form you did in choice #1, but in this utilize your lats to attempt and draw the ball back with your elbows to come back to the beginning position. In this form, the shoulder edge is changing, which implies the muscles that control the shoulders will be under a more prominent load.

Complete 5-10 reps of either alternative or both in case you’re somewhat crazy.

How to Build Strength on the Pull-up Bar

1. Bar Hang

Bar hang

You will find it difficult to do a dead hang from the bar due lack of grip strength. You must hang for atleast 30 seconds to increase your grip strength for doing a successful pull-up.

2. Hanging Shoulder Shrugs

Hanging Shoulder Shrugs

After doing hang bar exercise your next challenge is to do hanging shoulder shrugs. In this exercise you have to pull your shoulders down and tighten your ribs.  

Hold this position for 5 seconds for every rep, breathing out strongly with every compression.

3. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging Leg Raises

In this exercise firstly you have to hang on a bar as shown in the image. Then you have to pull your legs up as shown in the above image. This exercise will help in increasing your core strength.

You must do 3 sets of 10 reps of leg raises in a day. You can also increase the number of sets or reps according to your strength.

Pull-up Training: Mastering the Movement

1. Flexed Arm Hang

Flex Arm Hang

The flexed arm hang is simple , and yet underestimated and also underutilized exercise that includes all the muscles in your back and arms firing hard.

In this exercise, you have to pull yourself up as you are doing a pull with the help of your hands but you don’t have come down, you just have to stay in that position. And also you have to keep your chest as close as you can with the bar.

You must hold yourself for at least 30 seconds and you have to do 5 repetitions.


2. Band Assisted Pull-ups

Band Assisted Pull-ups

After you have done the flexed arm hang exercise with perfection and good control then you should be ready to do pull-ups.

If you find it difficult to do a pull-up or struggles in doing a pull-up then you can ease your work by using exercising bands for assistance or support.

The more the band is thicker the more it provides support to you. So, in starting you should use thicker bands. And after some time you should use thinner bands. And afterward, you should try to do pull-ups without any band support.